hunter valley private screening

The owners of large rural property had an interesting dilemma.

Despite being surrounded by hectares of open countryside, the nearest neighbour was a bit too close for comfort, impacting on their privacy.

They wanted a privacy screen that was substantial enough to block existing sightlines between the properties, but of organic design and structure in keeping with the natural landscape.

Our solution was to create three Gabian screen walls filled with crushed rock from the site. Arranged in an overlapping pattern, the walls provide not only total privacy but also a compelling feature that augmented the natural beauty of the surroundings.

We then tempered the monolithic feel of the structure by adding a playful human element in the form of acrylic panels arranged in the classic Mondrian red, blue and yellow pattern. The finishing touch was concealed backlighting to create a dramatic effect at night.

Firmly anchored in the landscape, this structure is now integral to the amenity and character of the property.