merewether heights courtyard

This client was presented with a significant challenge when the large, open acreage bordering the rear of their property was developed.

In particular, the large multi-storey house constructed on the immediate boundary between the two properties robbed them not only of a previously open aspect but also deprived them of the privacy they had come to take for granted.

The task was to restore privacy and improve the amenity of their back yard.

The key element in the design is a curved lineal wall that acts as a screen from the adjoining property, frames the courtyard area and retains the slope of the block. Clad in split porcelain tiles, the wall also provides a strong visual focal point for the area.

Giving thoughtful attention to the fall of the block, levels were manipulated to produce areas as large and flat as possible, with gentle steps rather than dramatic drops between.

The obtrusive neighbour is still there, but a large measure of previous privacy has been restored and a new level of amenity and serenity has been created, giving a new lease of life to this long-established family home.