merewether pool revitalisation

The existing pool in a luxury beachside residence was the focal point of a central courtyard entertainment area. It was the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the original home design.

However, after living there for some years, the client felt that the area was not working and was in fact inhibiting full enjoyment of the space. Plans were afoot to completely remove and replace the pool. This would have incurred significant expense, as the pool engineering was integral to the concrete infrastructure of the house.

The key design issue was that the pool plane was not on the same level as the living space, resulting in an awkward lack of connectivity between both areas.

Our challenge was to restore harmony between the interior and exterior in a way that was sympathetic to the original intent while enhancing the contemporary character of the residence.

Utilising the existing engineering structure, the pool height was raised, bringing the whole courtyard area into alignment. Then, working within the strict limitations imposed by a narrow vertical wall, we created a visual focal point consisting of a classic ‘opposing L-form’ design. One L was set out from the other to produce a three dimensional appearance and discrete lighting used to further enhance this effect.

The joints in the Alucobond® panels of the wall were meticulously aligned to give the finished structure a crisp, pleasing symmetry that connected on both vertical planes.

Then the pièce de résistance: a striking laminated glass water feature that both draws the eye and subtly unifies the entire design concept.

The ‘jewel in the crown’ is now truly worthy of the title – and at a small fraction of the cost to replace it.